Fête culurele Audreselle



My work is rooted in my fascination with nature, with its shape, with the number and intricacy of its details, as they open a new world within the world as it is.

Put otherwise, I try to immerse myself in my environment. The specific time and place are essential elements that inspire me in the moment as such. The feelings that all these elements provoke are an important starting point for my work. I am mostly triggered by my own experiences in nature, ruins, graffiti or just pieces of junk lying around on the sand.

During “La fête culturelle”, I became intrigued by pieces of fishing net washed up on the beach. Those nets tend to vary in colour and pattern, which appealed to me.

The purpose for which these nets are used stands in stark contrast with their playful and colourful character. Despite having lost their use and having been almost literally rejected by the sea, they, undeniably, do retain the smell and colour of the sea.

My aim was to give these nets a new purpose and, as such, to upgrade ‘junk’ by turning it into a colourful piece of art. 

As I was so fascinated by them, I started to collect nets and to sew them together (some pieces were several yards long, others only a few inches) into a completely new pattern.